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Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP): Dorset Council

In March 2021 the UK government published its strategy ... " Bus Back Better: national bus strategy for England ".  This sets out the vision and opportunity to deliver better bus services for passengers across England. In response, Dorset Council are developing a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to make bus services: more attractive .. cheaper .. easier to use .. faster .. more reliable .. greener.
Read more about the 2021 Bus Service Improvement Plan - opens in a new browser window.
[ Where we become aware of developments specifically involving West Moors, then further updates will be posted on this page. ]


There are major roadworks in the Ringwood area (A31/A338 confluence), from January 2022 - lasting until the Winter of 2022/23. As a result, Morebus routes in the Ringwood area are affected (as of 4th January, 2022) - and as two of them run through West Moors ( X6, 38 ), timetables have been altered to allow for possible delays/diversions.

Broadly, journey times have been lengthened to account for possible delays, especially where a vehicle has to transit the Ringwood / A338 / A31 confluence of roads. As well as somewhat longer journey times, individual timings, where they've changed, are some 5 to 10 minutes LATER than heretofore. Always check the timetables carefully. Note also that in the summer, no doubt other traffic delays will come into play!

The Morebus web site gives more detail and revised timetables.

The summary timetables on this web site have been updated.
[entered: 08/11/2021, updated 09/11/2021, further updated 10/11/2021, updated with final effective date 16/12/2021, text updated 05/01/2022]

West Moors is served by Morebus ( formerly known as Wilts & Dorset ), part of the GoAhead Group of companies ( which includes the Damory operation ). There is also a once-a-week service provided on behalf of Sainsbury's, Ferndown ( Damory SA1 ). There are simplified "departure only" sheets showing times of departures from Station Road & Pinehurst Road (below); also a summary-listing of departure times from points along the route of the X6: see below. If there are any mistakes, they are my own! Please refer to bus stop displays ( when updated - check they have been!), on-bus timetable notices or the official web sites of each operator in any doubt.

Bus Stop Pinehurst Road


REVISED FROM TUESDAY 4TH JANUARY 2022: Simplified departure 'composite' listing from the two principal locations in West Moors

[ Station Road: Surgery/Spar & Pinehurst Road/adjacent shops ]


REVISED FROM TUESDAY 4TH JANUARY 2022: Simplified departure listing from locations along the route of the Morebus X6 service: Poole, Ferndown, Sainsbury's, Ringwood, Bournemouth (Town and Hospital).

Remember to allow at least 5 minutes before any published time for the vehicle to arrive and appreciate we live in one of the busier areas of southern England as regards traffic flow; the longer routes can experience significant delays due simply to the volume of road users - an accident can throw bus operations into complete chaos!

There are several ways to find current timetables for buses via the internet: two are listed here: some even allow you to trace what's happened to your bus!

Traveline and use the "Plan your journey" tab for either 'Live Times' or 'Timetables'.

* Bus Times cover the entire country - and can even tell you how late a bus is running ... and where it is!


X6 Pinehurst Road