Cemetery Gates November 2020


West Moors Cemetery is located in Priory Road and opened for burials in the 1930's. The cemetery is managed and operated by West Moors Town Council in accordance with the Local Authorities' Cemeteries Order 1977, as amended by the Local Authorities' (Amendment) Order 1986 and other such regulations as may be made by the Secretary of State for the Home Office.

In the majority of instances, those making arrangements for the burial of a loved one will do so through the services of a professional Funeral Director. The Town Council staff will be pleased to offer advice for those wishing to make funeral arrangements without the services of a Funeral Director.

Please note that there is no pre-purchase facility available at the cemetery and the purchase of new plots is only open to residents of West Moors. For non residents being interred in an existing plot all fees will be doubled.

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