Memorial Hall

Gullivers Farm Shop

Station Road shops

War Memorial

Social Clubs & Associations

Lunch & Friendship Club

Meeting weekly in St. Anthony's church hall on Pinehurst Road: follow the link for more information.

Mothers' Union
Based at St. Mary the Virgin parish church on Station Road, Mothers' Union is a Christian organisation that has been supporting families worldwide for over 14o years. This group meets regularly and details of activity can be obtained by following the appropriate link on the St. Mary's web site.


Townswomen's Guild

The local group of the Guild meet once a month in the Memorial Hall on Station Road. There is more detail in the section of the page provided on this web site on their behalf.


Women's Institute

The Town Council maintain a web page which supports the local WI group - including (when available) a detailed diary of events: have a look at the appropriate page, which will open in a new window

Crossing House Tap and Railway
Former Crossing Lodge & Railway Hotel
(now the Tap & Railway)
Memorial Stone The Petwyn
Memorial on the Petwyn

Riverside Walk
Woolslope Farm walkway