Skatepark: The Rebuild 2021

Pictorial diary of the project

New skate park plan

This page attempts to document, mainly through imagery, the progress of the complete rebuild of the West Moors Skatepark on Fryer Field. The original facility was built/opened in 2003, but by 2019 it needed either major repairs or complete removal. However, through the efforts of many - users, councillors, council officials, voluntary organisations & commercial enterprises, enough money was raised to bring a completely new series of ramps etc., to the location. See the main Skatepark page for a little more on all this history.

The image on the left is taken from the material that the design team provided to illustrate what the final ramp system looks like.

Images of project construction: earliest to latest

Barriers ready for erection 

Barriers ready for erection 

20th June 2021 (Sunday)

This view shows the preliminary skirmishes in this project! The ubiquitous safety / security barriers waiting for deployment around the site. 

23rd June 2021 (Wednesday)  

A few days later and the work starts in earnest: no doubt a great loss was felt by those who had used the Park over many years, but the site had to be cleared completely so that firm foundations could be laid for the new structure.

Demolition underway 

Demolition underway 

Not much left 

Not much left 

27th June 2021 (Sunday)

One week on and there's not much left of the old ramps: some of the individual elements are still identifiable.  
Week beginning 28th June 2021

These images posted on the Town Council Facebook page ... with the following text:
" Work is progressing and in under 2 weeks all the old equipment has gone and the tarmac is being removed."

Skatepark almost clear

Tarmac being cleared

Site Discussion and work


8th July 2021

Thursday: on the left, a site discussion between contractor and council official regarding progress ... which looks good to me ... and to the left in the background the contouring of the site is underway; on the right, a view back towards the Memorial Hall car park showing the equipment access and contractor's store.
16th July 2021 (Friday)

At the start of this week, in what is, on average, one of the driest months in this part of Dorset, nearly an entire July-average-worth of rain fell within 5 hours in West Moors! The contractors have done splendid work ... and the fine weather will allow good progress to be made.

Shaping Up the ramps

Shaping Up distant view

25th July 2021 (Sunday)

Shaping Up .... construction sites are always somewhat of a disappointment as progress seems irregular - but if you compare these images with the design at the head of this page, you can see things are happening! Can't have been easy working in the heat of last week.
30th July 2021 (Friday)

A couple of images which perhaps aren't dramatic, but show people actually at work! Because I can't get down routinely during the work, I thought we'd show at least something going on: in the second photograph, you can see the skeleton elements ready for positioning.

Random pictures work in progress

Random pictures work in progress

Ramp with concrete

Busy construction site

8th August 2021 (Sunday)

Concrete is now very evident! We're getting to the business end of the work, with the ramps shown getting close to completion ... though as you can see in the second photograph, there's plenty to do.
16th August 2021 (Monday)

Further good progress ... despite some mindless youngsters trying to tear down the security fencing for goodness knows' what reason! The security cameras picked up some good shots of the culprits. [ Images ex. Town Council FB page ]

Good Progress

Good Progress more

Trackway for concrete

Excellent progress

22nd August 2021 (Sunday)

You get the impression we're about to enter the final lap of a long race: although the paraphernalia of construction are much in evidence, it's obvious that good progress has been made. A sturdier access track has been laid recently to cope with the traffic - and in the second image some of those who were active in the design of the ramps etc., are inspecting the outcome. They seem pleased!
30th August 2021 (Bank Holiday Monday)

The first image is taken from the Fryer Field side looking towards the Castleman Trailway - former access, though I understand that is to be stopped-up. The concrete must be around 80% complete. The second image shows the 'skirt' that will need to be stabilised, grassed-over, with access points constructed.

View from Fryer Field side

Skirt round park

Aerial view of skatepark

Early September 2021 (ex Facebook post)

Better than my efforts! To get any height on my photographs I have to stand on an old beer crate and stretch my arms in the air! This is much better and shows just how the project is reaching its conclusion - compare with the image at the head of this page. For those not familiar with the location, the tennis courts are just visible at the left-hand end of the image and the Castleman Trailway is immediately beyond the security/safety fence near the top of the image.

Skatepark almost there

15th September 2021 (Wednesday)

Images posted on the Facebook page produced the Town Council. A fine day and these images give a good impression of a project nearing completion.

Almost there good view

General view of new skatepark

24th September 2021 (Friday)

... and there it is! The work / safety barriers removed, the area 'seeded-up' and the experts testing it out. Much hard work by a lot of people has paid off - WELL DONE ALL!

Skatepark in use 1

Skatepark in use 2

" and we would like to thank ... "

... and of course these projects don't just happen! There are many individuals and organisations who played their part: the principal sponsors/donors are represented in the image to the right.

The Town Council & and its staff at Park Way played a pivotal role both prior to construction and in the various moves to seek funding - the council, representing the community of West Moors, also pitched in with a grant of £50 000 from its own reserved funds. The National Lottery Community Fund (£75 985) & Tesco (via its "Bags of Help" scheme) provided valuable funds, together with generous donations from Veoila Environmental Trust (£75 000) & the Leisure Development Fund at Dorset Council (£1500). There was also input from the Landfill Communities Fund

And of course, someone had to do the work! The contractor chosen was Canvas Spaces - an experienced company with a good track record of building such facilities as ours. They have, by some measure, produced a superb park which will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Sponsors and partners