Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Council receives most of its finance via the precept system, which means that each council tax payer in West Moors has a small amount added to the overall council tax to help fund the Town Council. The task of this committee is to prepare the annual budget for the Council from requests and recommendations made by the other committees and through Council decisions. During the year the committee monitors expenditure and revenues through accounts prepared by the Responsible Finance Officer. They monitor internal controls of the financial systems and ensure the council receives value for money. They also oversee the development and implementation of policies for the Council.

The committee also considers requests for small grants to West Moors organisations, charities and societies. For information on the scope of the scheme and latest application form, see the award and grants page. This committee also oversees all matters relating to the employees of the council.

20 Jan 22


Meeting held In St Anthony's Church Hall, Pinehurst Road


10 Mar 22


26 May 22