Planning Committee

 This committee considers planning applications that have been received by Dorset Council Planning Authority (LPA), and should be given a 21 day consultation period, before DC LPA make their decision.

The committee is only a consultee in the planning process and does not have any powers to decide on a planning application.
They present a viewpoint of local opinions to Dorset Council, who are the LPA and ultimately make the decision for each application, taking into account any further input from the public or other authorities. 

Notices and agendas of all meetings are posted on the 4 notice boards, 3 clear working days before the meeting date, which are situated at Pinehurst Road outside the parade of shops, on Woolslope Road, on Station Road outside Holly Court and outside West Moors Middle School on Heathfield Road.

The meeting is held at the Council Pavilion, Fryer Field, starting 7pm, and is open to members of the public, who will get 3 minutes to speak each, 10 minutes total.

You can find details of the committee members, agendas, reports and minutes of the West Moors Town Council Planning Consultative Committee meetings, under Council/Agendas and Minutes 

Since July 2021, the Local Planning Authority (Dorset Council) no longer send neighbour consultation letters for planning applications.

A planning site notice is required to be placed at the rear and the front of the property, allowing the public to comment.

You can search for planning applications on the Dorset Council Planning Portal.   


Cllr Mrs Nicki Senior – Chair
Cllr David Green - Vice Chair
Cllr Mrs Rita Burke
Cllr David Green
Cllr Jordan Randall
Cllr Trevor Salt
Cllr Colin Way
Cllr Keith Wilkes
Cllr Mrs P Yeo


Awaiting decision by Dorset Council Planning Authority


34 Woolslope Road

Demolish existing porch and construct new larger porch **TO BE DISCUSSED AT THE 11th JULY MEETING**


101 Pinehurst Road

Demolish existing rear conservatory and front porch. Construct single storey rear extension and new front porch.


132 Uplands Road

Erect a disabled garden room built onto the side of the existing garage with amenities designed around wheelchair access and store of movement-assisting equipment. Has provision of utility and toilet. Alterations to the driveway gates and conservatory.


78 Moorlands Road

Proposed Single Storey Front Extension


617 Delarosa Ringwood Road West Moors BH22 0AD

Replace a flat garage roof with a pitched roof, to install solar PV panels with battery storage and rainwater collection technology.


91 Pinehurst Road

Erect a detached double garage


81 Elmhurst Road

Loft conversion with side and rear extensions to ground floor


29 Glenwood Road

Alter and extend existing garage.


25 Riverside Road

Proposed extensions, loft conversion & alterations.


122 Pinehurst Road

Remove existing conservatory and erect a garden room. Alter and extend existing garage to include 1st floor accommodation with dormer windows.


51 Oakhurst Road

Roof extension to create first floor accommodation.


Long Meadow, Newmans lane

Replace existing toilet block with new toilet and shower block