Representatives on Outside Bodies


There are a number of organisations which are independent from the Council but have an impact on its service areas.

Councillors are appointed formally by the Council annually to serve on a range of outside bodies, including voluntary organisations, local government associations that provide local services. In order that the council can maintain effective partnerships with a number of these organisations, representatives of the Council, sit in on the various committee meetings and forums that are responsible for them, then reporting back to Full Council, at the next appropriate meeting.

In carrying out that role, they act both as individuals and as representatives of the Council. It entails:
• Acting according to the rules, constitution and framework set by the outside body
• Making independent personal judgements in line with their duty of care to the outside body
• Behaving ethically and complying with the Code of Conduct for Councillors except and insofar as it conflicts with any other lawful obligations to which that outside body may be subject.
• Taking an active and informed role in the management of the outside bodies


(Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils).

Town and Larger Parishes
Councillor Colin Way
Councillor Keith Wilkes

Eastern Area Committee
Councillor Colin Way
Councillor Keith Wilkes 

Youth and Community Club

Councillor Colin Way 

Dorset Council TPO's

(Tree Preservation Officer)

Councillor Keith Wilkes

Dorset Council Rights of Way

Footpath Liaison Officer
Councillor Mrs Penny Yeo

Allotment Association

Councillor Mrs Nicki Senior


East Dorset Environment Partnership

Councillor Keith Wilkes 

 Dementia Action Group

Councillor Mrs Penny Yeo