Community Diary

Every effort will be made to check entries for accurate information but the Town Council cannot be held responsible for any errors in the listed events. If in doubt, check with the organiser or the management of the venue indicated. Regular events held in the Library are listed on the appropriate page: 'special' events will appear below. Click on the event titles below to view any additional information. If you are unable to access details listed here, please contact the webmaster for the Community pages.

Former Crossing Lodge & Railway Hotel
(now the Tap & Railway)

Memorial on the Petwyn

Woolslope Farm walkway
Some return to 'normality' is underway, though in a phased manner. Presumably, more local organisations will awake from their enforced slumber and so you should expect to see some increase in entries in this Diary.
Note: when accessing the specific event entry, if the date of an event is followed by the symbol .... < > this means that there is no time attached to the event ( e.g., an all-day occurrence ) or alternatively, no specific times are yet notified.

Charity Concert: Macmillan Caring

at St. Martin's URC

30 Oct 21 - 14:30

Concert in aid of Macmillan Caring Locally

Charity Concert: Macmillan Caring

at St.Martin's URC

12 Nov 21 - 19:30

Concert in aid of Macmillan Caring Locally

Christmas Bazaar at St. Mary's

Venue to be notified

27 Nov 21

[Subject to confirmation]

Christmas Tree Festival

St. Martin's URC, Station Road

1 Dec 21

First day of the West Moors Christmas Tree Festival

Carols on the Petwyn

Around West Moors

3 Dec 21

The West Moors "Christmas Fair"

Barn Dance & Fish and Chip Supper

in the Memorial Hall

5 Feb 22

[Subject to confirmation]

Concert with Bourne2Sing

St. Mary's Parish Church, Station Road

30 Apr 22

[Subject to confirmation]

Open Gardens ...

Around West Moors

23 Jun 22

[Subject to confirmation]

Farmival ... in West Moors

Gullivers Farm, Shop & Kitchen

2 Jul 22

Charity fundraiser

Westival 2022

on Fryer Field

9 Jul 22 - 12:00 to 16:00

Westival returns!

Dorset Police Male Voice Choir

in the Memorial Hall

15 Oct 22

[Subject to confirmation]