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"Love This!!! Can you arrange for Station Road next time?"

Station Road has been done repeatedly. 

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"A great training session this morning with the U11s due to our game being cancelled. The boys loved using the new equipment kindly supplied and donated by West Moors Town Council a huge thank you".



Facebook compliments

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"Thank You Everyone!"

"Fantastic job done by you all".

"Thank You to all the volunteers it is much appreciated".

"Thank you for your hard work".

"Very well done to all today's litter pickers, thank you". 


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"Thank You all it was a lovely day".
A Great day, well done ".

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Parley Ability Sports FC
"A really great event, thank you, and lovely to see so many people there. Some great connections made too. Bev, Parley Ability Counts".

Castleman Community Larder
"Thank you for all your hard work in organising this annual town meeting. It was a pleasure to meet so many local organisations and mingle with other residents. And an enormous thanks for the award".


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Well done to all litter pickers today. Thank You for keeping West Moors clean. So proud to live in West Moors xxx


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Andy Skeats:
"A good initiative we have used it and will use it much more now the suns out Hut hum".

Joanna Breslin
"Love it. All we need now is toilets"
"Nichola Cook
"Joanna Breslin totally agree, toilets would be amazing".

West Moors Town Council
"Nichola CookJoanna Breslin this is a subject that the Council has talked about several times, with the intention to visit it some time in the future, as currently, the public toilets in Park Way car park are under WMTC responsibility and proves very costly! Understandably, this is not close enough to Fryer Field facilities. Thank you for your feedback".

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" A Lovely Idea"
"That's Lovely"

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"Well done to everyone that made this happen, it's a great achievement, Really excellent to see. And not something that not only fun for many, but will endure".

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Emailed Thank You's

11th August 2022

“Thank you so much for passing the information on to Forestry England and for sending me their reply.
It is with great pleasure that the issue is to be resolved and eventually a new bench will be fitted by them, a positive outcome!
Thank you so much for your time and effort in this matter, it is greatly appreciated.
With kind regards,
Mr and Mrs Dennis & Sylvia Payne”

3rd July 2023
“Amie, Thank You for getting back to me so quickly. This is great news that it is already being looked into. Regards, Will Parkes
WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote:
“Hi Will
Thank you for your email, I totally agree with your concern.
Last week, I spoke to 2 representatives of Sturts Farm, and was advised of the recent incidents. Consequently, I have spoken to Dorset Council Collision Road Safety Team, who said:
“I have looked on collision explorer and can see there have been 18 injury collisions recorded between the A31 and Horton Road through West Moors in the last 5 years and this data is only up to date until the end of February 2023 therefore the most recent ones won’t have appeared.
This is only a 2.4 mile stretch of road and therefore 18 collisions here is a concern. I am going to also analyse this entire route for signing, lining, speed, visibility etc and get back to you with my findings.”
Therefore, with this response, we just need to wait for their results before we know whether we need to pursue the matter of any speed reduction, as we may not need to request this, as they may do it anyway?
Please feel free to come to any meetings of course though. Regards Amie, WMTC”


We have seen the notice on the green and pleased that the broken bench has been removed.


 28th September 2023

“Dear Amie,
Thanks very much for your email. It’s encouraging to know what’s being done and that the authorities are aware of the problem! K Hamilton

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote:>

"Good evening Katherine
Thank you for your email, regarding the anti-social behaviour at the skatepark. I feel your frustration believe me, as this is not the first case of ASB we have experienced. There have been other occurrences at the skatepark but also on the playing fields and by the youth club.
We are not taking this lightly I can promise you. We have had meetings with Dorset Council ASB team, Dorset Police Crime Prevention Officer and our Sargent and PCSO's.
After various meetings, it is clear to us the process that must be followed to take action against any ASB Cases where there has been identification of the perpetrators. We cannot stop anyone accessing our free public facilities, but we can use our CCTV to help with images of the incident and who was involved. Any intelligence we gain, is passed to the Police. In regard to the condition the skatepark was left in, we were made aware of graffiti and 'attempted fire' on the skatepark earlier in the week, but did not know that there was any remnant of glass on there. The graffiti was being cleared by our Groundsman. Our Groundsman inspects and litter picks Fryer Field and all facilities within, 3 times a week minimum. However, as a result of recent issues, and now this recent one, we will have to add into our (The Clerk and myself) responsibilities, the checking of the skatepark every morning, when possible.
Just in case, anything untoward has occurred. We too feel saddened that those that respect the property are affected by those that do not. We cannot stop inconsiderate youths from being there, so the potential intimidation to others is out of our control, but we can keep an eye on
their behaviour whilst there, by checking the CCTV. As the park is not manned, we cannot ask them to leave ourselves, but if anything is happening that makes you feel unsafe or in danger, then please call 101, as the more reports they receive about a particular location, the more they are justified in sending officers there more regularly to patrol. I hope this has clarified our position and what can be done. Any further problems, please let us know.
Regards, Amie WMTC”

“Dear West Moors Town Council,

We visit the skatepark pretty much every week at least once (we are among
quite a few adults who enjoy the park). This morning, we were shocked to
see such a mess on top of the surface of the skatepark. Hundreds of pieces of
smashed up glass and plastic, an old pencil case and pens. The skatepark
was not usable in this condition. We started talking to a lady and man walking their dog who told us that yesterday (Tuesday 26th September) at 5pm a
known group of children were at the park, not skating or riding scooters, but abusing the skatepark and causing this mess. It was so upsetting to see the mess and the results of destructive behaviour this morning. The lady and her husband retrieved a brush from their car and kindly leant it to us so that we could sweep up some of the mess and put it in the bin.
This took 30 minutes of our time. The glass was also a danger to young children and dogs who often run across the ramps. I hope there is something that can be done. As I said, me and my partner are adults, but if we had visited the skatepark last night when the youths were there we would turn around and go home. These people are making fun, inclusive and safe spaces unusable with their destructive antisocial behaviour. Best wishes, K Hamilton” 


11th May 2023
“Hi Amie,
Celebrate! The Coronation Big Help Out was well organised and supported!
Just FANTASTIC. A big thank you to all at WMTC.
Kind regards,


2nd June 2023
Thanks for that Amie. Much appreciated. Have a nice weekend. Regards John”.

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote:

"Hi John
Just to let you know I left a voicemail for, and sent an email to Mr Andy Beale, the tree officer concerned, but his automated response was that he is out of office till Tuesday 6th June.
I am sure he will update me then, and I will consequently, update you. Regards, Amie”.


11th October 2023
“Thank you for your swift response and actions, please keep me updated if you hear anymore. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards, K Beavan”

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote

“Good morning Kathryn
That is a very sad email to receive, but unfortunately, not surprising, as we have been experiencing a lot of anti-social behaviour recently, of this nature and others.
At the subway and at The Youth Club on Fryer Field.
Frustratingly, the subway is not our land/asset (as much as we would like it to be), so I have forwarded your email to Highways England who are responsible for the maintenance of this underpass. Normally I would send this kind of issue to our Groundsman, to ask if he had time to clear it himself due to the nature of the graffiti, however he is away till next week. He did tell us to send emails to him anyway and his replacement may deal with certain things. I have just emailed him now. I will update you as soon as I hear something.

Graffiti: “Good afternoon, I have been made aware by the headteacher, of some graffiti in the underpass by the end of Pinehurst Road which has the name of a Y5 pupil from our school. The wording is of a sexual nature. Is this something that I report to yourself or if not , please can you signpost me to which service I need to make contact with for this to be removed?”


10th January 2024
"Hi Amie
Many thanks that’s very impressive and a great help I will make sure the Health Walkers know what you have done when I see them tomorrow
Well done West Moors Town Council! Best wishes, Chris”.

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote

“Hi Chris
DC have cleared the tree from the path, so it’s all accessible again, Many thanks, Amie WMTC


4th March 2024
“Good morning Amie
Thank you for your email. I fully understand the situation. It is just a pity that this information was not relayed to me when I enquired. I appreciate your help and will just have to be patient a little longer. Kind regards, M Roberts”.

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote

“Good morning to you both
I have just got off the phone from the Gentleman in the DC Highways team, in charge of the TRO requests, and he is more than aware of your/WMTC request, but due to all the flooding they are dealing with at the moment, they are uncertain of when they will be able to get to the not-so-urgent cases.
Obviously, it is an important matter, but until they resolved the flooding issues, they cannot get to the TRO requests for West Moors, and apparently there is quite a few.
As soon as I hear from Highways with an update on this, I will let you know immediately.
I am sorry it is not a more promising email, but it is in DC hands now, but it won’t be forgotten, I promise”. Regards Amie”
11th April 2024

“No problem – thanks for all you guys do for the Town ??. Paul Chapman

You are welcome
Indeed, fingers crossed ??

26th April 2024

Appreciate the full and detailed reply.
Glad its in the process.
Thanks for the update and fingers crossed this gets sorted soon, Sam Webber

From: West Moors Town Council
"Good Morning Sam,
Thank you for your email, asking for an update on the Crossing on Station Road, by St. Mary’s First School.
The current Crossing Patrol Guard is on sick leave, and her return date has not yet been determined.
She has not left her position, she is not well enough for active duty. I understand this leaves parents and children vulnerable, I am sure that Dorset Council are looking in to how they can cover her absence.
It can cost up to £100,000 to install a crossing and as we all know there is a serious lack of budget and resources in so many departments and unfortunately, there is a procedure that Dorset Council have to follow, before agreeing to spend that money.
It involves different criteria that needs assessing before a crossing request is approved.

The good news is that this has been done, and all criteria has been met. The request has been granted and is on the list.
The bad news is it is quite a long list, and we do not know the timescale we are looking at until the actual work is scheduled to implement it.
However, as a result of how long we have been waiting for this, struggled without a crossing guard, they have prioritised West Moors and we have been told it is ‘imminent’.

West Moors Town Council have been progressing it regularly, I promise you. At Last night’s Full Council meeting, it was discussed again (as it is every month).
Our Ward Member for West Moors, Cllr David Shortell, has been asked to obtain another update, to determine where on the list this crossing request is.
I wish I could tell you more, but if you check in with us in a week or so, I may be able to do that, Regards, Amie WMTC".



18th May 2023
“Hi Amie
Thanks-you for getting back to me so promptly - much appreciated.
Will pick up with the Police again. Many thanks

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote:

"Good morning Mr Baldwin,
I am a very passionate animal lover and it sickens me that anyone can do that. I am annoyed on 2 aspects, the anti-social side and the cruelty to animal’s side.
Unfortunately, it is a police matter which we, the Town Council, cannot get involved in.

I recommend you ringing 101 again and asking for a reference number for the complaint you raised back on the 7th May, if no number is applicable, ask if it has been passed on, and to whom? I have forwarded your email and my response to you, to our local PCSO, and I just tried to call him, but no answer. Ironically, whilst writing this email, we had a Gentleman come into the office, reporting exactly the same issue, of 3 boys doing the same thing, where he lives at Kingfisher close which backs onto the plantation. He also reported it but has had no response back. I am sorry to say I cannot do anything myself, other than forward it to the relevant department. If you hear back from the police, do let me know, Regards. Amie Fawcett, WMTC”.


12th November 2023
“Thanks. Very efficient. I did not expect you to reply on a Sunday.
I sent my email today so that it was there when you arrived at work tomorrow Kind regards
M Roberts (Mike & Ginny), Sent from my iPad
13th November 2023
“Please show us your appreciation by continuing to smile!!!
Arriving there and being greeted by such a beaming face made it worthwhile!

“Hi Amie.
Just seeing how hard you work to keep our village clean. Full of planned activities, for old, young and youth groups to. That's enough. Thank you. Jane

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote

“Dear Volunteers
A huge heartfelt thank you for your support on Saturday - 26 litter heroes - for cleaning our streets, especially as the next day was such an important one.
I need to say again how invaluable you all are, reliably turning up as regularly as you do. I don’t know how to show my appreciation – any ideas!?”, Amie WMTC

17th January 2024
“Hullo Amie, the time is 12noon and the road has just been swept!! Very impressed with the prompt service!! Kind regards, Roger.”

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote

“Hi Roger: UPDATE;
A mechanical sweeper request has been raised on Dashboard.
Reference number: DWPMRS578178993. The report has been printed and issued to the mechanical sweeper driver to attend as soon as possible. Regards, Amie, WMTC”
31st January 2024
“Good afternoon Amie
Again, most considerate of you to keep abreast of this and to feed back; such a rare consideration in today's climate.
Ah yes, budgetary constraints, especially since 2010.
Much obliged Amie, thanks and regards. A. Gill”

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote

“Good afternoon,
I just had a response from Highways:
“We wouldn't be able to obtain the budget for non-safety / strategic directional / road nameplate signs at this location. I can speak to our Manager for consideration of our list of peripheral signage, however I can't confirm when or if this would be considered for placement.”
I hope that this helps, regards, Amie, WMTC

WMTC <office@westmoors-tc.gov.uk> wrote to the Highways Officer

“Good morning, are you able to answer the following and I will reply to the resident?

“On Southern Ave, at the point facing Maloren Way, we think there used to be a pavement-mounted road name sign in situ, enabling anybody exiting Maloren, onto Southern to know exactly which road they are turning onto (not everybody has a sat-nav or map with them). We see far fewer of these signs now at these strategic locations. Almost daily, we see people driving, looking confused at this junction. Can one be installed?”
Thanks in advance, Amie”