Jubilee Copse

Weeds to a woodland

 Just behind the new skatepark, the Town Council have reformed what was the former BMX course, by planting hundreds of saplings during two Community Tree Planting sessions, part of the first stage in the development of a Woodland Copse, to commemorate the Queen's 70 Jubilee in 2022 and enhance the general environment around West Moors.

Having been planted in January 2022, the young trees in the Jubilee Copse, located next to the skate park at Fryer Field, have fought through two winters, but in June 2023, the Council noticed that they were starting to decay and were surrounded by weeds.
When planting large numbers of saplings, it isn’t realistic to expect them all to survive. This is due to a number of variables, not just the weather.

However, those that held on, desperately needed tending to, so two community volunteer sessions were held this year (June and September) to carry out maintenance on these saplings. It proved to be very labour intensive work though, and West Moors Town Council (WMTC) were determined not to abandon this project. So, thanks to the hard work of Evergreen Services, the Jubilee Copse has been transformed, and there are 170 saplings remaining, that we hope will flourish, encouraging the Jubilee Copse to become an asset to be valued and enjoyed.

West Moors Town Council will ensure this green space is kept clean and well maintained.
The management plan involves regular mowing of the footpaths and around the Jubilee benches, litter picking, and ensuring entrances are clear and the site is accessible to all people from the community.
Thank you to the volunteers that worked hard earlier in the year, and those that took part in the actual tree planting.
We may invite you back early next year to ‘check in’ on these little ones and offer some care if needed.



Journey of the Jubilee Copse:
Tree Planting January 2022 - Sapling maintenance December 2023

Sapling Maintenance September 2023 (See pic below)

Sapling Maintenance June 2023

March 2022 Tree Planting (See Pic below)

Free Tree Giveaway February 2022

January 2022 Tree Planting