The primary source of income for most Town Councils comes from the Precept, which is a local tax collected by the Unitary Authority (Dorset Council) of behalf of the Town Council.

This money is required to run the Town Council and maintain and improve the facilities and services that it provides.

The precept is normally the cost difference between the budgeted (expected) expenditure and the budgeted (expected) income for the financial year.

It is prudent for local councils to hold funds in reserve for future planned projects and/or unexpected costs that may arise.

The Town Council forecasts the amount of funding it will require for the following financial year and then requests this funding from Dorset Council in the form of a precept tax, which is included in your Council Tax.

The Precept is calculated using the cost of a Band D property.

When a Council Tax bill is received the portion paid to the Town Council is stated as well as the amounts paid to Dorset Council, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority, Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner.

In 2022/23 the Town Council cost to a Band D property will be £52.43 for the year.

To calculate the cost for the other Band of property multiply Band D cost by the appropriate factor shown below.

Band A 6/9

Band B 7/9

Band C 8/9

Band D 1

Band E 11/9

Band F 13/9

Band G 15/9

Band H 2

Example calculation for a Band G property:

£52.43 x 15/9 = £87.38