Fryer Field Facilities

Fryer Field is a large recreation ground located in the north of the village. It can be accessed via Bond Avenue and Station Road. The facilities include a pavilion building, football pitches, children's play area, skatepark and a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).

Follow this link for the location of Fryer Field and associated facilities

Fryer Field Play Area

There is a children's play area located on the field that is suitable for the under 12's.
This park is not a lockable facility
As with Oakhurst Play Area, regular checks are carried out;
1. Daily by our Groundsman (visual inspections of paths, equipment seating, fencing etc)
2. Monthly Inspections by 'Elite Playground Inspections'.
3. Annually by The Play Inspection Company'


Pavilion Exterior

Meeting Room The Pavilion

Fryer Field Pavilion 

The Pavilion consists of a meeting room - a light airy space with easy access for less-able people - which can be hired. It is equipped with a screen and projector. There is a maximum capacity of 60 people. There is also a small kitchen with tea/coffee making facilities and toilets, including a disabled toilet.

This building has been hired for band practice, birthday parties, conferences, drama rehearsals, football events and more.

For sports events the building also has five changing rooms with male and female shower blocks.

The Pavilion meeting room is used to hold the regular meetings of West Moors Town Council, on Thursday evenings (see Agendas and Minutes for meeting dates).

It also houses the Council historic archive.

On the outside wall of the Pavilion facing the football pitches is a water fountain to assist with climate change and provide for all those thirsty players that hire the facility

 To hire the Pavilion, the fee is £30 per session - normally 3 hours.
(See Sports Fees below)

Football Pitch Fryer Field

Fryer Field Recreational Ground

The land was formerly part of the Fryer Estate, but in 1914, Sir Frederic Fryer, the first Lt. Governor of Burma & his wife, Lady Frances, offered land opposite the church and school for the erection of a village hall & provision of playing fields.

Fryer Field is a large open space with;
Two adult size football pitches (11 v 11),
a 9 v 9, and a mini soccer (5 v 5 and 7 v 7) pitch.
These are available to hire from September to April.

This football ground is home to various clubs, primarily Grange FC and West Moors Youth Football Club.
Recent additions are New Forest Rangers and Verwood Athletic FC.

Grange FC host their Annual Football Tournaments here every June.
This is held either on the first or second weekend, and it runs over the course of Saturday and Sunday. 

Dog related Public Spaces Protection Orders

On the 23 October 2020 the Dorset Council Dog related Public Spaces Protection Order was made. It came into effect on the 1 January 2021 and will last 3 years. You can view the contents of the order – if you need this document in an accessible format, please do contact us. This supersedes all other Dog Related Orders in the Dorset Council area from the period of enforcement and any byelaw during its life.

The Order states:
· owners are to pick up their dog’s poo in all public spaces and dispose of it appropriately.
· no dogs are allowed in enclosed children’s play areas or on marked sports pitches.
· no dogs are allowed on certain beaches between 1 May and 30 September.
· dogs are to be put on a lead when instructed to do so by an authorised officer.
· dogs are to be kept on a lead in signposted and identified areas

Areas dogs are to be kept on a lead in West Moors;
· Priory Road cemetery
· Gullivers Farm allotments (council owned).
· Formal public gardens- Petwyn
· Within 5 metres of marked sports pitches (Fryer Field)
· Park Way car park

Fryer Field FREE Tennis Courts 

There are also free to use tennis courts available. Please contact the council office if you would like to book regular use. If you are part of a tennis club or you would like to offer lessons here please contact us for further details as fees may apply.

In September 2022 there was funding of £500 awarded by TESCOS Bags of Help (Groundwork UK), for the installation of LED floodlights in these courts, as there are in the MUGA. The project is in progress.

 There is also a basketball hoop located within the tennis courts.


Tennis Court Fryer Field


MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)- 3G Artificial Grass Pitch (5 aside)

This 5-a-side pitch is available from morning till night (latest session that can be booked is 9pm).

There is no access permitted, unless a session has been booked.
(Facility is locked with a coded padlock- for lost balls that have been thrown in, please call the office).

There are LED floodlights for the evenings and dark afternoons, for which a code is issued to those who have booked and paid.

This facility is extremely booked throughout most of the winter season (October-March/April), however, ad-hoc hire is available on weekends and the occasional mid week slot. Always worth asking the council office.

Fees are listed within the sports fees below under 'Hiring'. 





Outdoor Gym Equipment

Opposite MUGA, Fryer Field: 5 different exercise units for a full body workout; One rower, one set of exercise bars, one lat pull and chest press combi, one leg press, and an arm bike and wheels. Available 24/7.
New seating has also recently been installed, 


Public seating acts as meeting points for friends, a peaceful rest-stop for some, a spot to enjoy lunch or even a good book, or in this location, a chance to rest in between work outs!

Added in November 2023 was the Horizontal Bars.

As part of its continued commitment to improve its facilities, and listen to what the public need, West Moors Town Council has added a unit to the outdoor gym equipment at Fryer Field.
Installed by Caloo this week, the horizontal bars or chin ups as they are also known, are ready to use. These provide a training unit for various exercises. The bars can be used for pull ups, leg raises and chin ups which is perfect for building upper body muscles and strengthening arms and shoulders.
We hope that you enjoy working out on the equipment and keeping your mind and body healthy.
Entrance Sign Fryer Field


For information about hiring any of these facilities please contact West Moors Town Council office on 01202 861044.

Sports Fees for Football and 3G pitch from 1st September 2022