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PLEASE REPORT A CRIME WHEN YOU SEE ONE- Dorset Police cannot help if they don't know about it

no longer a seperate function

AskNED was our Non-Emergency Directory. It was a list of questions that members of the public regularly asked with contact details of those inside and outside of policing that could help. The majority of the most commonly used AskNED search functionality has been integrated into the Dorset Police website search and forms function.
This has been done to improve the users experience on their website and ensure they are delivering communities the most up to date experience possible.

Domestic Abuse

Paragon is part of The You Trust, which provides advice across a wide variety of social issues: in particular, they provide a 'first point of contact' for anyone suffering stalking, domestic abuse and sexual violence.
A telephone help line is available - which for Dorset is 0800 032 5204 or you can email : ParagonDorset@theyoutrust.org.uk
The main contact telephone number for The You Trust Head Office is 01329 825 930. 

Dorset Council have a useful page (opens in a new browser window) which collects together contact details for all organisations which specialise in providing advice, help and support for those experiencing Domestic Abuse.

Fire & Rescue ( Dorset & Wiltshire)

The web site for Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue service. In an emergency, call 999 but for other services, advice etc. telephone 01722 691 000

General advice (Domestic Violence/Abuse, Mental Health, Young people etc.)

Police & Community Support

West Moors is part of the East Dorset Urban section provided by Dorset Police. This web site, which opens in a new window, is dedicated to providing advice & help for the local area - there are also links to the main Dorset Police site.

In EMERGENCY ( 'life threatening and / or crime in progress') call 999: For non-emergency purposes ( including crimes that have taken place but are not 'in progress' ) then call 101. You can also use the main link to report a crime

In addition, there is also the Ferndown Watch Community Office which also offers much useful advice - it is situated in the Barrington Centre, Pennys Walk)
It is a free drop in centre for members of the Ferndown and district community to come along and find crime prevention advice. The Office is now back in the old room in the Barrington Centre.
You can view and purchase safety and security items, obtain information and leave messages for local Neighbourhood Policing Teams.
Our opening times are Monday to Friday 10.00 to 12.30

Scams & Fraud (how to spot and avoid)-  Dorset Police also provide useful advice relating to on-line security, how to spot fraudsters etc. This document can be read & printed out

Citizens' Advice: have much useful information at the following ... which opens in a new window; there is also much other useful information about the work and service provided by CA: Scams & Fraud - how to spot and avoid (Citizens Advice)