Diary of a Pandemic: March 2020 - March 2022

The complete collection of the 'logs' that were maintained during the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic, from March 2020 until March 2022. For more, see the script at the bottom of this page.

Originally, and for some time, the logs were issued (via the Council web site) weekly and were intended to inform the community of changes / restrictions etc., that applied to West Moors. As time wore on, the logs were issued fortnightly, then monthly. 

They are recorded here so that future generations of historians might have a primary source for any considered history of the events as they affected one small community in Dorset. 


West Moors: Together

During February & much of March, 2020, the 'coronavirus' severe infection [eventually known to most as Covid-19], which had been sweeping across the globe since first identified in China in late 2019, took hold in the UK. As a response to this, the UK government (in agreement with the devolved national administrations) mandated a near-total "Lockdown" of the country. This meant that apart from essential movements to get local food / medicines etc., most people for several months were confined to their homes.
Because West Moors has a high proportion of people who need support for various reasons, and who may live alone, very quickly a call was initiated for volunteers to do essential shopping, collecting prescriptions etc., and to that end an additional page was set up on the Town Council web site to list those volunteers - later holding details of those local businesses (e.g., cafes, bakeries, butchers, Farm Shop etc.) who could deliver. Following the lead of two local churches (Pinehurst Community Church and St. Mary's parish church) a more formalised system of volunteer support, coupled to a temporary 'food bank' operation was initiated which proved very effective. Also, county and national organisations joined in as the scale of the problem was identified and they provided contact points for requests for assistance.

Over time, the special 'Covid-19' page developed to encompass those essential contacts and also hosted a news advice section to let those who could access it know what was going on. As time progressed, the page 'morphed' to a straightforward information portal - and by the winter 2021/22 had probably outlived its original purpose.

One of the elements of the information page was a running record of the pandemic, as it affected the parish of West Moors ... " West Moors: Together ". This started out as a short sheet which could be printed out and displayed in case those without internet access (or similar) were not aware of developments. Over time, this became less of an issue, but it was decided to continue with weekly then fortnightly, latterly monthly, entries to log the events. This has now been migrated to this 'history' section of the Council web site.

For more, see the summaries as noted above.