Skate West Moors 2021

Published: 10 May 2021

In 2019, West Moors Skate park finally became a remove or renovate situation.
The metal elements of the park were rusting through. Further repair was not viable, and a more appropriate facility was needed to be more user friendly, in line with the times we live in and the diversity of the population.
We drew on the ambitions of the local user group for the park as they have been loyal to West Moors skatepark for over 20 years and helped with the park’s inception in 2003, they continue using the park to the current day.
Further inspiration came from surveys carried out at WESTIVAL 2019 and the Skate Party held in September 2019.
CANVAS will make a park that offers all ages, a brilliant outlet for their energy, a positive way of using their spare time with friends and a way of making new ones.
were the first extremely generous organisation to offer a grant of £75,000 to the Skate Park project, in early 2020.
After lots of funding applications and time lost due to Covid-19, The Leisure Development Fund at Dorset Council £1,500 in March this year and just recently in April, The National Lottery Community Fund
completed our funding needs with a grant of £75,985.
Due to the generous funders, helpful Skatepark users and the Council’s own reserved funds (£50,000), we look forward to providing the Community with a modern concrete sustainable, accessible, and engaging facility in terms of social, recreational, health and well-being opportunities, suitable for beginners & experienced skaters & other wheeled sports.

We also need to recognise #NationalLottery acknowledging National Lottery players' support. Without this, TNL grant would not be possible.