Blackfield Farm - Planning Development - UPDATE

Published: 10 June 2021

West Moors Town Council (WMTC)

Statement of Fact

in response to the:
Blackfield Farm ‘Have Your Say’

June Issue West Moors Directory advert.

WMTC respond to the advert in the West Moors Directory in June 2021 based on actual events.

Any abandonment of consultation, as referred to on the advert, was not related to WMTC or Dorset Council. Any comments submitted to the email address provided in the advert will not be forwarded to either of these councils as a contribution to the Local Plan for West Moors. Members of public can send any comments related to application 3/20/1280/OUT to

  •      15th August 2019 WMTC received planning application number 3/19/1512/OUT from Dorset Council for an outline proposal on Blackfield Farm, at the end of Blackfield Lane.
  •      22nd August 2019, nearly 200 people attended the WMTC Planning Meeting (held on Fryer Field), to discuss this application. Minutes of this meeting showing our objections to this    application are available on our website
  •      18th November 2019, the application was stated as withdrawn.
  •      February 2020, WMTC posted an update on the application on Facebook, @WestMoorsTC, as they met with Mr Nick Aris, the developer, and others involved with the Blackfield Lane    proposed development. The brief meeting was held to seek information on behalf of residents in order the Council was better informed to represent the views of its residents.


Following the withdrawal of the original application, Mr Aris made the point that he was very keen to hear the ideas and needs of the local community before a new planning application was submitted.
WMTC advised Mr Aris that he should hold a public meeting to discuss any future proposals with residents of West Moors. This did not take place and National Lockdown was imposed in March 2020.

  •       18th September 2020, WMTC received a second application 3/20/1280/OUT (all matters reserved except access and scale). This application was amended re: industrial units.
  •       22nd October 2020 WMTC held a public meeting to discuss the proposal. Following this, an objection letter was submitted to the Planning Officer on 23rd October 2020, listing       various reasons for refusal of this amended outline application.
  •      Minutes of this meeting are available on our website


There have been several delays in the decision process for this proposed development. Between November 2020 and February 2021 there were no new documents available. WMTC were advised in December, that the developer was given until 12th February to submit more evidence for the application. Upon receipt of these, neighbours and the Council would be re-consulted and given 14 days to respond.

  •      February and March 2021 WMTC were advised more time would be required by the developer to collate the required information from the consultants he had engaged with, in order to    submit the necessary reports to planning (specifically to objections from the Lead Flood Authority and the Dorset Natural Environment Team).
  •      April 2021, no revised information had been received by the planning officer and the applicant was advised that it needed to be submitted by the end of the April if a reconsult was to    be carried out and that the application will be determined by the end of May regardless of receiving the information.
  •      19th May, WMTC were informed that Natural England had requested an extension of time to review the biodiversity information submitted in May. NE’s comments are critical to the    assessment of this information therefore Dorset Council Planning extended the determination date to allow for this, to the 18th June.


This is the most recent information that WMTC have, related to the Land off Blackfield Lane.