How We have helped improve Road Safety

Published: 02 May 2024

Parish and Town Councils have an important role in road safety, for example by funding speed indication devices, supporting traffic calming measure requests and or community schemes.
West Moors Town Council is committed to improving road safety in our community, so we have ensured all of the above have been carried out;
Thanks to our Community Speed Watch Group (Volunteers), weekly sessions are being carried out, with the primary intention of providing a visible deterrent such that motorists will think about their speed.
We purchased and maintain a SID (Speed Indicator Device) which is relocated every 6 weeks, to ensure all areas of concern provide a reminder to drivers of the speed they are doing.
A Crossing Request was submitted last year, to Dorset Council Highways. This can be a very lengthy process, but we are regularly monitoring and chasing.
When there is a response, we will be post it here, on our noticeboards and on our website.
Please drive carefully and thoughtfully to help keep our community roads safer.

How we have helped Road Safety