D Day 80th Anniversary Celebrations Thursday 6th June

Published: 06 June 2024

On 6 June 1944, tens of thousands of soldiers landed on five beaches in Normandy, northern France.
The largest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare played a crucial role in the defeat of Nazi Germany and the liberation of Europe.
The sixth of June is a date etched in the memories of generations as D-Day, the start of Operation Overlord, the Allied forces’ full-scale liberation of France from Nazi Germany during World War Two.
They gave us freedom by giving up their lives.

Mindful of the war in Europe raging 80 years later, today, in West Moors, we paid tribute to the sacrifices that were made in combat before, on and after that day.
As our way of remembering, the Council hosted a FREE fish and chip lunch and cakes; between us and Lime Coast Catering, for those residents that asked to attend.
Gathering at Pinehurst Church were a lovely group of 61 residents from Brook View and Summer Hill Care Homes.
There were some new and familiar faces from West Moors, that joined in with waving of D Day Flags and singing along to melodies from the ’40’s, performed by the Land Girls
Everyone present, understood the significance of the day, even though there were no veterans amongst them (we think), there were guests who had parents or grandparents, in the war, or were evacuated because of the war, or remembered where they were, on D-Day, when troops were faced with the most shocking scenes one could never imagine.

Following the lunch, some then met at the Petwyn War Memorial, where the Town Crier, Iain Mitchell, read out the D-Day Proclamation, and a short service was led by Revd Michael Eaton, Revd Lynne Morris recited The Exhortation, and the Chair of the Town Council, Cllr Rita Burke laid a wreath of remembrance.
The D-Day Flag will fly till next week, in honour and gratitude of those who have gone, but not been forgotten.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.

Lest We Forget, Let’s be thankful, and let’s hope there is soon peace, where there is currently war.